Herb & Spice Artisan Soap Trio


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All of our artisan soaps are made by hand using all natural ingredients. Luxurious and long-lasting, each is a pleasure to use.  Each bar weighs about 4.3 ounces. You will receive three bars in each Herb & Spice Soap Trio, one of each of these fragrances. All are individually wrapped in food grade biodegradable paper. 

Lavender-Always a favorite, lavender is slightly floral with a hint of natural spice. It’s the Earth’s way of helping you feel relaxed and fresh. Ingredients: Saponified olive, palm, coconut & castor oils, cocoa butter, filtered water, beeswax, pigment, lavender buds, lavender essential oil & rosemary extract.

Turmeric & Charcoal-Made with turmeric, valued for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, & activated charcoal to gently cleanse. The fragrance is a blend of floral with a warm base note. Ingredients: Saponified rice bran, coconut, grapeseed, hazelnut, & castor oils, filtered water, shea & cocoa butters, beeswax, essential oils, activated charcoal, turmeric & rosemary extract.

Lavender Spice-Slightly spicy with relaxing lavender, a soothing and captivating scent. Ingredients: Saponified olive, palm, coconut & castor oils, shea & cocoa butters, filtered water, beeswax, essential oils, grapeseed flour & rosemary extract.18.50


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